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Delicious everything cleaned up or packaged. Molds in the folder, folders in the closet. Creations in foil. Everything for an ordered hobby

Vierkante zakjes 150 x 150 mm
Verpakt per 200 met eurolock
Echo Park 12x12 Inch Pocket Page -
Echo Park - Insteekhoezen - Pocket Page 12x12 Inch Dit zijn hoezen met de afmeting van 12x12 Inch is dus 30.5 x 30.5 cm. De pak beschikt o
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Kaartenzakjes 150x150 + 30 cm
Mireille - Kaartenzakjes 150x150 + 30 cm Kaarten zakjes.Afmetingen 150 x 150 + 30 mmMet plakstripPer 100 stuks
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Kaartenzakjes 130x185 +30 cm
Mireille - Kaartenzakjes 130x185 + 30 cm Kaarten zakjes.Afmetingen 130 x 185 + 30 mmMet plakstrip.Per 100 stuks
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Hobbyjournaal Verzamelmap - Speedbinder
Play binders to your Hobby to be able to join in a binder journals. Note: this is for the old Hobby journal format. Packed per 10 Speed bind
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Hobbyjournaal Verzamelmap
The Hobby journal Binder, including 2 Speed binders and 1 thread tensioner. Please note the latest Hj are larger which do not fit into this
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Stickervellen map Le Suh - zwart
Delicious all sticker sheets that no longer are los to swing. All are ordered in a Sticker Sheets folder from Le Suh.
Map A4 - 24 vaks van Le Suh
Useful for storing all your cut sheets. So they remain always neat, fine to take with you to a trade show, can not damage your purchases in
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Magneetvellen van Joy! Crafts - grootte 22 bij 37 cm - A4 formaat
Magnet sheets to on a neat way your cutting and embossingmallen/stencils/dies to ' paste ' and in a suitcase. Three pieces. 1.3 cm thick 22
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Een magneetkoffer met A4 magneetvellen
Solid case with 3 magnet sheets dimensions; 29.5 x40x 7.5 cm supplied without dies/molds The magnet sheets that fit in this case 6200/0073
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Koffer voor dies met 3 magneetvellen erin - A5 formaat
A suitcase (approx. A5 format) to save all your cutting and embossingmallen in! The handy magnet sheets keep you all molds in place. The cas
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Magneetmap voor stencils van Joy! crafts
Magneetmap for stencils from Joy! crafts Two magnet A4 parts to your cutting and embossingmallen. (stencils/dies/molds not included!)
A4 zakjes - 220 x 301 mm + 30 mm plakstrip - Per 10